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Veil of Delusions

Death Metal


Dutch metal band Veil of Delusions, headed by frontwoman Zoë Tilly and musically represented by inspired instrumentalists, is ready to deliver a diverse range of songs that contain influences from many bands with styles from symphonic to melodic death metal. Their songs are filled with furious metal riffs, melodies, catchy vocals and pounding drums. The band’s message is simple: "We bring you melodic metal, based on passion!"

Veil of Delusions have played numerous shows all across Europe, including appearances at the Amsterdam Metalfest 2016 and the FemMe Battle. Between tours and shows all across Europe, the band recently released two singles ‘Across the sky’ and ‘The Chase’.
With the recently released album ‘Echoes of Dawn’ on the 16th of September 2016 and several gigs being planned in- and outside of The Netherlands, the band is ready to hit the stage again and take it to the next level.

Zoë Tilly - Lead vocals
Martin Vos - Guitars and grunts
Xander ten Boden - Guitars
Jeffrey Wennekes - Bass guitar
Rob Reijs - Drums

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